Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Interest in Interspecies Collaborations
By Hector Medina (04/08/13 01:44:16)
Related animal: Dog

I am interested in the Interspecies Collaborate class because it involves two of some of my favorite things; art and animals. I have taken some art classes here at UCSB and fell deeply in love with doing art. I love how I lose myself in my work and the amazing feeling I get when people adore my pieces. I am so glad that I have found something I have a passion for it and that I am getting a degree for it. Animals have always been part of my life and now this class might enable me to include animals in my art. One special animal that will always have a place in my heart is, Pirate, my American Pitbull Terrier mix dog. We named him that because he had a large brown spot on one of his eye as if he had a patch like a pirate. He was a gift when I was really small and we grew up together until he was 13 years. He was a very smart and fun dog. He was very kind and sweet, great at warning and protection, and was always a great goal keeper. It was fun growing up with a buddy that was always there when I needed him. Luckily he was able to have puppies before he left us. Out of his litter we kept Duke, the leader of the pack. He was a very smart dog, very curious, always getting into trouble. We decided to find him a partner, some one that would keep him distracted from his mischievous adventures. She was named Yeska because that’s how my brother could pronounce “Jessica.” We had those two goofballs for a couple years until Duke unfortunately got into an accident and had to be put down. Luckily we still have Yeska and she is so adorable. I love how I come home sometimes from college and she is always there waiting for me at the door. Just thinking of how happy she gets when she sees me puts a smile on my face. She begins by barking and making a fuss, then runs to me and smells me. She then jumps up and begins to cry. I have to pet her for a couple minutes until she is suffice and calms down. If I am able to include them or the feelings they make me feel into my art that would be fantastic. I hope the class can help me incorporate these animals and other animals I will encounter in the future.

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