Story: Animal Play Behavior
Comet the Dog
By Danielle Terhune (06/13/10 13:59:18)
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I have written about my dog and his how he thinks he is human in previous reflections and projects. I recently found some videos that explore this idea that he has about himself.
Comet watches a lot of TV when he thinks we aren't looking. When we adopted him, his previous owner had told my dad that watching TV was one of Comet's favorite pass-times. Observing what shows that my dog enjoyed I noted any show with animal sounds or any high adventure show with lots of running. I found a video of one of my dogs favorite passtimes, Lizard Hunting. I like to image that he thinks he is the great hunter looking for his prey! And although he can never catch a lizard, and most times, he can't even find one, he knows they're out there. It kind of reminds me of Mobey Dick in a never ending search for his enemy the whale.
Another of Comets favorite things to do is stare out the windows of the house and growl or bark at the neighbors for fun. He would never hurt anyone, he just likes to act all high and mighty safely behind doors. It is very silly, but such a dog thing to do.
The other two videos include his recognition of important words such as "yummy" and "walk." I am more convince that the words themselves are not what's being translated in his mind, but more of the tone in which I say the words and how Comet picks up on their meaning. I supposed its the same as me picking up on Comet's growls, barks, and whines, as a sign of his communication with me. By his sounds I can tell if he's afraid, annoyed, happy, frustrated, or protective. I can tell by his sounds if he wants to play or if he's just tired and wants to chill. I think its amazing that two different species are able to pick of on the meanings of the other just by sounds.

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