Danielle Terhune, Student, UC Santa Barbara (Dept or Art and Dept of Art History)
Pet: Dog
I am interested in finding a connection with an animal outside of the "owner and pet" category. I might explores issues of 'when does an animal become a pet' and 'how can an untamed animal retain its title of 'wild', when in collaboration with a human.' Is it possible to look past the 'human vs animal' hierarchy?


04/20/10 11:09:13 Hermes the Dancing Hermit Crab
  05/09/10 23:21:52 - Reclusive State
  06/12/10 08:43:44 - Art 130 SHOW!

04/20/10 12:30:09 Common Interests

06/07/10 22:54:06 The Dolphin Project
  06/08/10 09:40:28 - Link to Longer Dolphin Video

Reflection: Non-Art Interspecies Collaborations
"The Man Who Talks to Whales" by Jim Nollman Ch. 10

Other: History/Philosophy - Relationship Human/Non-Human
Chapter 8, Fear of the Familiar, in The Postmodern Animal by Steve Baker (2000)

Story: Animal Play Behavior
Comet the Dog

Reflection: Animal Communication
In Response to Animal Communicator Barbara Janell

Reflection: Interspecies Communication
In Response to Charlie Russell's response to the death of Timothy Treadwell

Reflection: Animal Play Behavior
In Response to Dolphin Mysteries by Toni Frohoff and Kathleen M. Dudzinski

Other: Interspecies Communication
In Response to Jim Nollman's The Man Who Talks to Whales: The Art of Interspecie

Reflection: Interspecies Communication
In Response to the film "Grizzly Man"
In Response to the film "Walking with Giants: The Grizzlies of Siberia"

Mya and the Tree

Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Santa Cruz Island Day 1
Santa Cruz Island Day 2
Santa Cruz Island Day 3

Reflection: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
"Barbara Janell Workshop"