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The Art of Interspecies Communication
By Jessica Oropesa (06/09/10 03:01:22)
Related animals: Dolphin, Whale

What I found most interesting about Jim Nollman's work is his ability to convey his thoughts and opinions on the relationship of dolphin to human. He describes them, a common animal, and us, an extremely common animal, as "like opposite faces of the same large-brained coin. We tend to reflect each other." He also states that our responsibility as animals of this Earth is to harmonize and resonate with them. His success with music-making and the dolphins is a perfect example of interspecies interaction. He was able to successfully "play" with the dolphins as they swam around the boat and made some kind of contact with the humans.

In his epilogue, Nollman claimed that dolphins are a non-human people and in that sense, all animals are non-human people. Every individual is unique and different, but all are special. He also quoted an Indian chief, stating that "all things are connected like the blood which unites one family. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the son of Earth." Just like how differences among races in the human race cause conflict sometimes, there is definitely conflict between us and the animal world. But if we could all understand that we are all part of the human race, that race shouldn't matter, then we should understand that we are all part of the Earth, and species shouldn't batter either.

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