Other: Interspecies Communication
Chapter 5 and 6 of the dolphin book - Toni Frohoff
By Evan Hynes (06/08/10 03:24:29)
Related animal: Dolphin

In lecture and in her book Toni Frohoff touches on the idea of seeing dolphins as species similar to humans. I know this is a broad topic, but I feel that it is probably the most important to me because it was likely the most influential on me in seeing dolphins as intelligent, caring, animals like humans. She described how dolphins do many things similar to humans, by playing with each other using air rings as "toys" to interact with to some degree, as well as caress each other in a loving, non-violent way. Perhaps I am being "specieist" to some degree, because I am holding humans as the ideal species, but I am after all, only "human" :)

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