Evan Hynes, student
Pet: Dog
I am an art and biology double major at CCS. As my majors exemplify, I am highly interested in both the arts, as well as biology, animals, and the environment. As opposed to what many would believe, I see these two fields of study as very connected; not separate. Without our natural surrounding and the animals that occupy nature, art as we know it would probably look very different than it does today. The two are intertwined, and in this class, working with animals as collaborators in making art, I feel that I will be able to start to explore the connection between art and biology in greater depth than I have ever been able to do previously.
On a side note, I have collaborated with my dog in past years in a more scientific sense. That is, I helped train my dog during an experiment she was a part of. The experiment was testing to see if dogs could detect cancer simply by smelling the subtle odor of cancerous cell breaking down in human subjects. The conclusion proved that dogs can be trained to detect cancer in humans. My dog's accuracy was marked at 99.8% accurate.
Having collaborated with my dog in a scientific sense, I am now very interested to see what I can do with animals to create art!


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