Other: Interspecies Communication
Dolphin Mysteries
By Royce Chun (06/07/10 19:06:09)
Related animal: Dolphin

I found myself agreeing with a lot of what Toni had to say about how humans and other species should interact. As humans, I would say that we are the most powerful and intelligent force on Earth, but not necessarily the most important. I believe that every species is just as important as the next. When interacting with another species, we should always be aware that we could in fact cause more harm when interacting than good, despite how good our intentions may be. For example, we may want to touch a creature's egg just to feel its texture yet the parents may end up disowning it all because a human interacted with it. We may also become friends with animals that are generally hunted and because of our friendly relationship, they only become easy targets for those with cruel intentions. We should have an equal fear of harming a species as we do in fear of them harming us. This fear could be expanded or minimized depending on our understand of the species in question. The more we understand, the more we know how to or now not to interact.

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