Royce Chun
Pet: Dog
I grew up in love with the vast world of animals in general, without having any specific type of animal taking precedent over any other. Although i can't say that I go far out of my way to research animals, I like to absorb everything I can when the opportunity arises. I am interested in interspecies collaboration because of my interest in animals. I'd like to see how humans can communicate with them and work together, especially since I don't have much experience in working with animals. I'd say my background only goes as far as training a dog, but I am open to working with any species.


04/22/10 11:49:55 Raccoon Adventure

05/06/10 11:45:26 Hovering

06/01/10 10:23:35 Wall climbing

06/01/10 11:10:42 Animal voices

06/01/10 11:42:46 Insect movement
  06/07/10 16:24:32 - Spider
  06/07/10 16:44:05 - Moth
  06/07/10 17:06:15 - Fly
  06/07/10 17:25:31 - Room construction
  06/07/10 17:44:51 - Final Project: Trail Mix

06/07/10 19:28:35 Condor Express: Dolphin Overload

Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
"Walking with Giants," and "Grizzly Man"

Barbara Janell Workshop

Other: Interspecies Communication
Dolphin Mysteries

Other: History/Philosophy - Relationship Human/Non-Human
Fear of the Familiar

Other: Interspecies Communication
Than Man Who Talks to Whales Chapter 10

Other: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
The Man Who Talks to Whales: Chapter 1 and 4