Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
"Walking with Giants," and "Grizzly Man"
By Royce Chun (06/07/10 18:29:06)
Related animal: Grizzly Bear

After watching "Walking with Giants," I thought that Charlie was insane yet courageous for being so close to the bears. Although, Timothy undoubtably took that insanity to a whole new level. Through both of their passion towards the bears, they were able to live with them for such a long time. This in itself was fascinating because I've grown up with the idea that bears are nothing but ferocious. Both ensured the audience that bears are, in fact, very dangerous creatures and are not to be trifled with but they were trying to convey the idea that as dangerous as they are, it is possible for humans to live alongside them to a degree. I found it interesting that Charlie and Timothy did not get along with one another since I believed them to be doing the same thing. I agree with Charlie that if Timothy got mauled by a bear that the years of progress in changing the attitudes towards bears would be undone. I find it extremely disrespectful for Herzog to portray Timothy the way he did but I suppose Timothy laid it out for him to do so fairly easily. Bears aside, I thought the foxes were awesome.

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