Story: Interspecies Relationships
Can't stop seeing the ducks
By Mark Linggi (06/03/10 17:37:49)
Related animal: Mallard Duck

So after my first encounter with the ducks after a long time, I know can't stop seeing them. On the same day that I reencountered the ducks, I was walking towards campus to the art studio. On my way, I crossed the grass in front of the Student Health Center. Lo and behold the duck couple was there. My friend, Micky, started to walk closer to the ducks, but I told him that they like their distance and that they really don't like to be disturbed too much. Of course, as he got closer to them, they both stood up and walked away. Its interesting to notice that when you have food, they ducks don't seem nearly as afraid of you when you don't have food. Its interesting to think about how it is the same person, but the need and want for food just pushes the ducks to be that much more interactive with us. Its the reason why squirrels in Yosemite are so friendly. I remember when I hiked up in Yosemite, to Twin Falls (I think thats the name), there were so many squirrels getting so close to everyone. They became so accustomed to humans giving them food that the need and desire for food outweighed the initial fear of us. Its funny how getting food easily can cloud the danger of a potential life threat.

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