How To: Interspecies Relationships
Old encounters from the beginning
By Mark Linggi (06/01/10 23:41:03)
Related animal: Mallard Duck

Although I have not been regular with my updates, I have been making written records with my encounters with animals (mostly the ducks).

April 27, 2010

With a couple of weeks not encounter any signs of the ducks, I have finally found one. Although my intentions are to observe the duck couple, I have only found one. After going to Jamba Juice, getting a free brownie in the process ($1 off baked goods and brownies only cost $1), I went to the pound near Storke Tower to see if any of the ducks would be there. I know from previous encounters that that specific pond is one of the couple's favorite spots. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my lack of seeing the ducks) I saw the male duck. I decided to sit a bit closer to my friend, but not too close so that I would disturb him. I reached in the bag, making some noise with the bag, and the duck came closer to me. I believe that he thought that I was reaching into the bag to give him some food. He soon realized that I was not going to give him anything so he sat down. I felt bad that he was without his other half (the female duck) so I started to talk to him for a little while just so I could keep him company. However, within 5 minutes, another male duck flew from the sky and sat down next to the other male duck. With this sight, I became happier knowing that these two bachelors at least were keeping each other company. I began to wonder if the females had just left the two, or because of the season, if the females were taking care of a nest while the males just left. Hopefully I will be able to see the duck couple again rather than two male bachelors (although this was a step in the right direction).

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Comment by mlinggi (06/07/10 13:12:13):
I meant to put this under projects. Sorry this is not a how to, more of an observation.