Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Santa Cruz Island Day 3
By Danielle Terhune (06/01/10 12:15:35)
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Post Santa Cruz Island
Tuesday, May 18 2010
A Recollection of Day 3

We packed up and cleaned up camp pretty fast. We took off to the dock early and decided to go on a hike. The supposedly mild hike contained lots of ups and downs, rocks, grass fields, roots etc. I believe it was three miles one way, so six in all. Man! I am sore.
On the hike we saw crows and smelled the spotted skunks, but that was it. At the destination we ended at rocky caves and cove area. At this place there were some of the orange fish and more sea stars. On our way back we could see whales from the cliffs.
Back at the dock after the exhausting hike we saw a bald eagle fly across the bay and perch on a faraway branch. We were only able to see it through binoculars. There were very cute seals in the bay as well.
On the boat trip back we came upon more humpback whales. This time they were so close to the boat we were able to smell their stench. Within 7 feet or so of the boat we were able to see its gigantic mouth open towards the boat. It was breathtaking! And very very smelly! More dolphins cam as well. It was fabulous! And a great wrap up for the trip.

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