Reflection: Animal Communication
Island trip
By Lillian Shanahan (05/21/10 13:53:55)
Related animals: Dolphin, Fox, Hump Back Whale, Seal

The trip to Santa Cruz island was awesome,

First on the boat ride over there we saw many groups of dolphins and whales and seals. I was excited because it was my first time being that close to any of these animals.

I have never been to sea world (thank god) and haven't been on many boats except for out in lake Tahoe and the San Francisco bay- where I was actually fishing.. so i don't know if that counts. One time there was a great white spotting and we had to go in early but I never saw the shark although that would have been amazing.

on the island I went out in to the bushes a lot in attempts to meet a fox. The first time the foxes came to the camp site I was on one of these excursions, which made me a little sad. But I didn't give up and on sat I went into some bushed a little far from out site and sat there drawing for 30 minutes when i heard leaves crunch behind me. I turned around and sure enough there was a little fox. It stayed at least two feet away from me the whole time, it circled me on me left side and stood there for a while before it trotted off. I tried to call it back but it didn't turn around.

later I found out that they like to take people's things, at the time I had taken my shoes off but nothing else, my bag was right in front of me so I think that was too close for him to try.

I wish there was some way i could have communicated better with the animal but in the moment really the only thing to do was to let it check me out and see if he wanted to stay and play more. This fox checked me out and then wanted to leave. That's too bad, maybe next time I will get one who will want to play

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