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Lil' Orphan Hammies
By Lillian Shanahan (05/21/10 13:39:00)
Related animal: Pig

Our class visit to the pot belly pig pen was intense. Understandably most of the pigs that were there, are there because they are old, injured or dying. But still, watching the pigs who couldn't stand up because their shoulder blades were destroyed was hard. Their grunts sounded like screams of pain. I tried to get some to interact with me but the most that happened was that I scratched their belly or behind their ears.

I thought i might use a ball but the lady of the place told me that they don't play with balls- but the dogs certainly did. I had a fun time playing with them- though at the end the dog got tired of me and wouldn't play anymore so i gave up.

overall I was amazed at their size and their folds of skin, I wish I had brought by sketch book to draw them because their skin is so great.

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