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"Where Humans and Dolphins Meet" and "Communicating Conservation"
By Sara Putman (05/14/10 17:05:07)
Related animal: Dolphin

Toni Frohoff's book lead me to think about the necessary, or even unnecessary, limitations on the way people study animals. How close can the human race get to the animals without negatively encroaching upon their way of life? It is necessary to think about limitations because we need to factor in the evil within the human race, yet those limitations affect the humans who want to help and understand animals. It is sad and frustrating to think about how negatively we humans have both directly and indirectly affected animals and their environment. Therefore, it is difficult to even think about successful solutions in order to create a world in which we do not negatively impact the world around us.
The book reiterated the fact that animals need "rights as individuals under our laws." This makes perfect sense to me since there is a mutual curiosity/relationship between humans and cetaceans according to Frohoff's book. I believe that this could be the starting point in realizing a world in which humans can relate and respect animals. I also found it interesting when the book pointed out that dolphins can respond to humans as if they are dolphins, so this may be important in creating an equal playing field between human and animal.

Resource: Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication (book)

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