Sara Putman, Student (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Pet: Dog

04/20/10 15:57:01 Encounter with a young seal

04/20/10 16:06:26 Pack Rat... I mean Dog
  04/27/10 20:09:08 - Behavior Patterns
  05/14/10 18:03:32 - Some of the Collection
  05/22/10 17:47:32 - Preference within collection
  05/31/10 19:30:41 - Final Project Idea
  06/06/10 18:05:26 - Final Project- Interspecies Collaboration Gallery

04/29/10 22:19:11 Rissa's Point of View

05/03/10 16:07:43 Interspecies Playful Behavior

06/06/10 17:34:41 Dolphin Adventures

08/20/10 19:26:15 Rissa and Meowzer

Other: History/Philosophy - Relationship Human/Non-Human
"Fear of the Familiar"

Other: Interspecies Communication
"The Human/Dolphin Community"

Other: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
"The Turkey Trot" and "Interspecies Protocol"

Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
"Walking with Giants" and "Grizzly Man"

Other: Interspecies Communication
"Where Humans and Dolphins Meet" and "Communicating Conservation"

Reflection: Non-Human Animal Perception and Cognition
Interacting with my dog

Reflection: Aesthetic Expressions of Non-Human Animals
Santa Cruz Island: Whales and Dolphins and Sea Lions, Oh My!

Website (Website): History/Philosophy - the Aesthetics of Non-Human Animals
Pack Rat

Website (Website): Other Related Research
Rhus integrifolia

Website (Website): Art Related to Animal Rights
The Animal in Contemporary Art