Other: Interspecies Communication
Dolphin Mysteries Chapters 5 and 6.
By Danusia Young (05/12/10 22:37:23)
Related animal: Dolphin

Both chapters focused on very important points about human/dolphin communication. The idea that people misread dolphin signals was very interesting spatially statement about people wanted the dolphins to behave like Flipper or Shamu. Despise the humoristic approach I completely understand that this kind of human attitude can brings negative response from the dolphins. I think that we sometimes forget that animals like us have feelings too and can act destructively when put in the dangerous or stressful situations. We think that if we have fun they probably are having fun too. As Toni points even dolphins can act forcefully or aggressively toward humans that misbehave in their world. The most important elements of interspecies communication are to learn how to listen and wisely observe the behavior of another species. We have to learn to give them space that they fully deserved. I think we have to start looking at dolphins not only as members of a different group of species but primary as unique individuals, each expressing a kaleidoscope of unique characteristics.

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