Essay: Non-Human Animal Perception and Cognition
Unlocking the Secrets of Communication-Dolphin Mysteries
By Andrea Chase (05/12/10 17:49:30)
Related animal: Dolphin

The interaction of dolphins with other dolphins is a complex process that many humans, including myself, can not fully understand. Upon reflecting on the myriad of social stigmas, taboos, rules, regulations, interpretations and actions humans engage in during human-human interactions, I am at a loss to even imagine the social system of another highly intelligent and social creature such as a dolphin. With each interaction a human has there is undoubtedly an immense stream of thoughts and impressions that form due to certain environmental shapings. Whether prejudice and discrimination, or love and generosity humans form extremely strong mental impressions that often are carried throughout life. I wonder what kind of impressions dolphins form. Are they as cynical? Or are they more open? Does it vary tremendously in individual dolphins as it does in humans? Obviously the environment and past must play a part in the impressions formed as well. It would be extremely interesting to divulge into the social system of dolphins, especially dolphins of differing types and species. Do they discriminate against eachother through a lack of interacting with any other than their own? The reading briefly discusses the interaction of dolphins and manatees together. Is this a regular find? or irregular and only due to certain environmental pressures? I guess my dream of an extensive networking of dolphins is even farther from possible than a human networking of reactions and emotions from intercultural and interhuman interactions.

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