Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Nollman Reading Ch 10
By Andrea Chase (05/12/10 14:22:55)
Related animal: Dolphin

Nollman's last chapter was very interesting to me. The concept of Gaia struck me as oddly familiar to many of the Buddhist ideals I have come to love. The idea that one is everything and everything is one; is the main idea behind the relation to other beings as discussed in many Buddhist thoughts. Gaia also similarly believes that there is some "one" in every being that is a constant between all living things. Although I found Nollman's interest in his idea deemed Gaia quite fascinating, while looking through the reading for resolution to our debate determining the ethics regarding human interaction (and subsequent effects) with animals. Nollman offered little to no advice upon highlighting this great moral inquiry we stumbled upon. Although he did go so far as to mention it (briefly) he could not offer other than the already viewpoints we had discussed in class.

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