Reflection: Non-Human Animal Perception and Cognition
unexpected collabortation
By Jenna Ferri (05/07/10 11:33:27)
Related animal: Dog

This past week I had an unexpected collaboration with a dog I had never met. This dog whom we nicknamed yoda due to his appearance was sitting outside sweet alley waiting for his owner. Yoda was waiting patiently and had the sweetest look on his face so I decided to try and collaborate with him. I wanted to see life from his perspective so I layed down next to him and see what he was experiencing.
The most unusual thing happened, when I laid down with my elbows on the floor but my knees still supporting me, he mocked my pose and shifted his body to bow down like mine was. He was so perceptive to how I was moving and he felt he needed to mock it to form an unspoken bond. I tried another position and yet again he followed my moves. We had this connection though not for long between the two of us that was pretty magical.
Attached is a picture of him bowing right after I had gotten onto the ground.

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Comment by LisaJ (06/14/10 17:15:31):
great impulse and picture!