Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Grizzly Man and such...
By Andrea Chase (05/06/10 16:42:14)
Related animal: Bear

The movies both proved to be very interesting in both their exposure of human's interactions and the interactions of the wild animals around them. The main issue that I can't seem to get out of my mind, between the readings and the movies, is the affect our human interactions have on the animals around us. Are our interactions helpful or harmful? Are they harmful when they are intended to be helpful? There is a certain catch 22 that runs in circles around the mentality toward inter-species interactions. Our individual interactions whether well intended or not shape the reactions on other species for their lifetimes. Therefore since as an individual we can not represent humanity as a whole, especially since the actions of other humans cannot match one another completely, it becomes problematic that animals form any impression about human nature. As sad as it is to say its better wild animals are afraid and avoid humans than to trust and be taken advantage of or killed for frivolous reasons. Obviously this is a subject that needs to be further discussed and thought about through a lens other than that of human intention and social as well as traditional construction.

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