Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Animal communicator
By Evan Hynes (04/22/10 21:42:10)
Related animals: Dog, Tree

I believe Barbara Janell is slightly crazy. I went into the workshop with an open mind. I honestly thought she would each us how to communicate with animals to a certain degree. As a pet owner myself, I am well aware of the desire us humans have for animals to have the same emotions as we do and to love us back as much as we love them. Barbara Janell seems to use this form of projection as her main way to communicate with animals. I believe that she believes that she is communicating with the animals and trees and other species. But I am not convinced she is. I think she is guessing what the animals is feeling and interpreting her own guess as fact. I asked her about there maybe being a chance that she is just projecting her own feelings onto the animals. She retorted by simply saying that there is no way that could be the case, that she has a special connection to animals. She also spoke at a rate similar to that of a slow-motion video. This made the whole lecture even more ridiculous. Maybe I would have been drawn in a little more and taken it a little more seriously had she been able to have a normal discussion with us students, as opposed to her lecturing on abstract spiritual ideas with minute-long passes in between sentences. Its not that I don't respect her, i just cant take her work seriously. But then again, if she has convinced people that what she is doing is legitimate and she feels the same way about her work, then who is to say it isn't legitimate. Isn't that what all artists do? So in some strange sense, I suppose her work could be considered art in some strange way... Then again, I for one am not convinced, so I see her work as neither artistic nor legitimate.

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