Other: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
the man who talks to whales
By Jennifer Lee Lin (04/22/10 20:33:51)
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I think what Nollman means when he says he wants to learn "from animals not about them" if you're learning about something, it is objectified. I don't see the subject anything more than just an object to be observed. When I try to learn from them, there is sentimentally, there is a connection and relation, because humans must learn how to coexist with other animals. We are the sole species to destroy and kill so much in the world. All animals have learned to live with eachother in harmony, and therefore but learning how they do so by putting ourselves in their place, on their level instead of standing on pedestal can only bring good results.

The Man Who Talks to Whales: the Art of Interspecies Communication (Book) [Write Comment]