Barbara Janell Workshop
By Royce Chun (04/22/10 17:47:35)
Related animal: Dog

I attempted to use the tips provided by Barbara Janell towards creating a better relationship with my neighbor's dog. I've never attempted to be close with him in the first place but he always barks when I come close. Although, I suppose he barks at just about everyone. I wasn't direct with the dog and just eased in by conversing with my neighbors close to where the dog was. As the dog got sed to my presence, it eventually stopped barking. I was about to pet and even play with the dog without it going wild. Later, I sat at a distance using meditative practices in putting myself in the dog's position and tried communicating with it that way. Unfortunately nothing came out of it and the dog just proceeded to watch and bark at the pedestrians that walked by. Although I can't say I felt any connection to the dog, and even though he still barks when I walk by, at least I know that he doesn't actually dislike me.... he probably just likes barking at people.

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