Reflection: Animal Communication
In Response to Animal Communicator Barbara Janell
By Danielle Terhune (04/22/10 11:20:10)
Related animals: Mosquito Eater, Tree

The weekend after the workshop with animal communicator Barbara Janell was very interesting. It started off on Friday night with my friends and I playing Jungle Juice Pong. The back sliding door was open and a Mosquito Eater decided to fly in and observe or game. My friend Joel was about to kill it when I screamed “No!” I then asked my friend to let me try to communicate with it and ask it to leave. They were stunned, because the game had only started and i hadn’t even had anything to drink yet. I then talked to them about Barbara Janell, and explained our exercises of trying to get into an animal’s head. So after awhile of concentrating on the insect it flew away, unharmed by my friends. They laughed and called it coincidence.
I later related my story about the tree communication, which interested me the most among all the things we went through in the workshop. They laughed and so did I, but I told them I did honestly believe I had some form of exchange with the tree. I told them that they can cure migraines and such and make you feel all tingly. They were interested, but unbelieving. It wasn’t until Sunday that my friend Joel told me he tried communicating with a tree. He said he didn’t get anything from it. I was amazed that he even tried on his own time. He’s not the type of person to believe in this sort of thing. I realized then that there must be some deep connection that has gotten severed between humans and nature, that even someone who can go from wanting to kill a bug because its annoying to trying out talking to a tree, is striving for some deeper connection to nature. I still find myself feeling the need to touch the tree I communicated with as I pass by it, and to even glance towards it when I see it from the bike path and mentally say “hi.” Yes, I feel it is still quite strange and unusual to be talking to a tree or looking at it like a living being with feelings and yes, even having some healing powers, but I suppose that’s what this class is all about, stepping outside of the social norms of ‘human vs nature’ and applying it to the concept of ‘human & nature.’

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