Reflection: Animal Communication
Animal Communicator
By Travis Jepson (04/21/10 23:09:23)
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I thought the advice the animal communicator had to share with us was overall very interesting. Though I may not believe everything she said, I do really believe that her take on approaching animals as well as basic animal philosophy is something good to know

I liked her advice on how to deal with dogs. She pointed out that the characteristics of a scared/nervous dog is, stiff body, eyes wide open and no breathing. In order to make yourself seem more approachable by a dog, Janelle advised us to have a loose body form, breath easily and readily. Perhaps the most valuable piece of information was to blink, its so easy but I found it made a great difference.

I approached a dog outside a restaurant, blinking somewhat quickly as I came close and extended my hand loosely. The dog was very calm and to my surprise it extended it's paw to my wrist, not to do the "shake" trick but just to put it there. I am not saying the dog might have been well trained, but I feel it really helped me approach the dog in a non-threatening manner. Though I am not sure I know the best way to approach an animal, I found Janelle's advice on dealing with dogs to be great advice.

The last piece I wanted to bring up was her statement that "Animals are not people." In our society, we find it appropriate to romanticize the condition of animals, both as pets and in the wild. We are able to connect with animals but it is important to not try and project our own society's values onto another species. I believe it is important to respect living beings, but we must remember that we cannot hold an animal accountable to human standards, nor can we expect to make a connection comparable to a bond on a human level.

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