Reflection: Animal Communication
Trying to communicate with a cat
By Lillian Shanahan (04/21/10 15:04:54)
Related animal: Cat

There is a cat that lives out in the buses near the CLAS building. I have been trying to get it to come to me for weeks, but the moment it sees any human being it runs off into the bushes again. I found out that one the ladies who works on campus has been feeding the cat for a while. We talked about it and came to the conclusion that the cat must have been abandoned by some IV student and had had some traumatic experiences,

thus the cats protocol with humans is run on site. She gave me some cat food so that on the days she can't feed it I will. She said she has been feeding it for 6 months and its still afraid of her. although now it will stand for her to be near him while it eats.

She named the cat Tommy (for Tom Cat). After Barbara's lecture I have been trying to communicate with the cat- I have done it at least 3 times, but still no success, the last time I closed my eyes and concentrated hard- but when I opened them the cat was no longer there.. I just kinda felt stupid.

But I am not discouraged, I am going to still try and communicate and hopefully allow the cat to become more comfortable with me and know that I mean it no harm.

I actually had a dream last night that I got the cat to come to me except I feed it my coffee instead of the regular food. It seemed to enjoy the coffee, but I didnt want to make it sick so I can to get the food and came back and sta with it while it ate... and it talked to me and told me that the food was salty and addictive and that its not what cats should it bc its mainly full of grain....

I don't know if that was the cat talking to me or just my own prejudices against processed animal food.

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