Other: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
The man who talked to whales
By Lillian Shanahan (04/21/10 14:55:35)
Related animal: Turkey

I thought it was most interesting how he turned from experimenting , far removed like scientist into trying to work with the animal, figuring out what the animal wanted rather than putting a wall between themselves and just documenting what he witnessed. Or trying to make the Turkey communicate by human standards, he needed in a sense to try and communicate with the turkey by the turkey's own means.

Its also kinda funny that he came to this conclusion when the woman who owned the turkey was upset he was disturbing it bc she needed to plump it up for her dinner.

I liked how he said he felt more like a shaman than a scientist bc I have read part of a book called The Spell of the Sensuous and it talks about how Shamans are suppose to be in touch with nature and be able to communicate with that part of the world. They are the connector for the other people in the tribe. Rather than being a scientist who see the animal as a subject, different from himself and in no way tries to make connections.

He make a good point that musicians and artists should have the same access as scientists because I think that in a way artists are scientists and there is something to be learned form them that standard academic science would never dare to approach.

The second chapter talks about seeing animals as "peers, neighbors, mentors" which relates back to the first article, by saying that we should try and learn something from the animal not just objectively looking at the animal.

it was interesting to think about how there might be a specific protocol between humans and animals, that the animal is conscious of the relationship, and if that is so then the animal is capable of being an individual and have a personality.

that animals now may have a certain protocol in relations to humans because of the way their ancestors were treated and that fear/ or way of interaction has been passed down through the decades.

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