By Heather Sielke (04/21/10 07:57:29)
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After Barbara Janell's workshop on Thursday I went home to try some of the things she taught us. In class we had this one one exercise that we tried to enter an animal and try and communicate with them. I chose my eldest cat Twinkle Bell which I have had since I was four years old. A couple of weeks ago we lost her and I wanted to see how she might be feeling after the ordeal. We found her a day and a half later in my neighbors yard she had gotten in a fight with this annoying orange cat that like to torment her at night in our back window. Also in the past few weeks we had to cut and pretty much shave her fur because it had gotten matted a kind of dread lock. In the class while think of her I felt calm but every time I tried to think of her my left index finger would twitch and would not stop until I stopped trying to communicate. When I got home I tried it again with her in my lap and got the same twitch. I do not know what it is about and am confused.

So then I was pet sitting and child sitting my neighbor's child and dog and I decided to teach Timmy the child how to communicate with Scooter the dog. I sat down with them and tried to focus in on being inside the dog Timmy just wanted to watch. First I focused on myself and what I was feeling then I tried to "enter" the dog's mind (i guess). I got an extraordinary wave of thirst. When I stopped I was no longer thirsty. I was time to take Timmy over to get dressed for bed and so when I took them over and let Scooter go she went straight for the water bowl I thought it was so weird.

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