Reflection: Non-Human Animal Perception and Cognition
Interacting with my dog
By Sara Putman (04/20/10 16:33:09)
Related animal: Australian Shepherd

After Barbara Janelle's exercises on Thursday, I felt more calm and relaxed. I understood what she was saying about becoming more in-tuned with nature and connecting with animals, yet I hadn't fully realized how to communicate with them at the time. However, while I was up north with my dog Rissa, I wanted to make myself more aware of her and her feelings, so I put myself in her position.
Instead of yelling for her to "come" when she was running too far ahead, I let her be free of my will and assertions, while still attempting to connect with her mentally. She eventually came back to me after she was finished running along the beach with the other dogs. I could tell that Rissa wanted to run free, yet had still understood that I wanted her to eventually return. By becoming more aware of what she wanted, I felt more at ease and I could tell that Rissa appreciated it as well. In the end, I feel closer to my dog and can appreciate the things that she wants, as well as making it easier to let her know what I want.
On a side note, if I was looking at her a certain way (like I wanted her to come to me), she would understand and come without my having to say anything, as if we were communicating on a telepathic level.

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