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After workshop with Barbara Janelle
By Danusia Young (04/19/10 23:44:40)
Related animal: Dog

Our Thursday workshop with Barbara Janelle was very attention-grabbing and motivating. Despite the fact that, I was not successful in few of her exercises I did agree with the main ideas about animal-human communication. Communication with other species presents learning experiences that can help us to understand more the world around us. We can learn so much from the animals about how to live in harmony and balance on the Earth. I agree that if we want to be successful in our communication or relationships with other species first we have to stop thinking about them as less evolved, or less intelligent. Our attitudes have to change. First of all, we have to regard animals with respect, openness and as potential teachers, and this alone will enable us to observe them with a fresh light and open up a source of information from them about who and how they are. When Barbara mentioned that animal can sense our stress and that can change it behavior too, right a way I thought about my dog Max. Some time he can not stop licking his paws obsessively. I was thinking perhaps my stress with school affects him too. I decided to work with him and try to be calmer and relax. Every day after school I played with him and tried very hard not to get angry even when I saw him biting himself. Usually in this kind of situation I will tell him “no, stop biting”, but after listening to Barbara, I lower my voice, tried to come him down, pet and hug him. I have to say that he stopped and focused on his toys. I noticed that the first thing when he sees me, he looks at me as he will try to read my mood. I never realized that before. I think that now I am more aware about his behavior as well as mine own. By trying to stay calm I did not only help Max to stop for while his bad habit but help myself to relax. Every time I sat with him for while I found myself thinking about more positive things. He still tries to bite himself, but I think less frequently. I will continue to work on my body posture and tension when around Max as well as try to be more relax and receptive.

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