Brush Rabbit Research
By Stephanie Vasquez (05/18/09 18:41:34)
Related animal: Rabbit

*Physical Description:
It is smaller than other cottontail rabbits. Their tail underside tends to be grey instead of white. Fur color varies from light brown to grey. Adult brush rabbits grow to be about 10-14 inches long. Weight is about 2 lbs.

They rely strongly on scent, not sound, for communication. When frightened, they may let out loud calls (or "squeals"). Specific alarm calls have been identified in some rabbits.

Tend to be very timid when leaving their brush cover and rarely tread on large, open spaces. When they do approach any open areas, they may remain motionless for some time to watch for any danger. When they sense they are in danger, they may run in a zig-zag pattern until they reach protection from brush cover. Most of them are solitary and independent, and do not get very close to each other unless they are mating, or feeding their young. They typically have a comfort zone of about 1-24 ft away from one another.

Feeds mainly on grasses and sometimes berries.

- Coyote
- Grey Fox
- Owl
- Crow
- Snakes
- Cougar
- Bobcat

*Other Facts:
- Although their life expectancy may reach up to 8 years, they only live for about 1 year on average.
- It often lies in the sun in the morning, particularly following heavy rain or fog, also on sunny afternoons after morning rain.


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