Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Day 2 on SC Island
By Stephanie Vasquez (05/10/09 16:34:08)
Related animals: Fox, Island Skunk, Spider

(Written on April 18th)

Shanti and I went exploring today. We took a trail hoping to be rewarded in the end with a nice shaded area. Unfortunately, the trail continued for what seemed like forever, but that does not mean it wasn’t rewarding! I quite enjoyed the long walk, and we saw small “signs” of the fox, if you know what I mean.

We also went to an area with many eucalyptus trees and both sat in different areas as we did our own thing. I began to meditate and think about everything that had happened within just the past 2 days. I listened to the birds chirping above, listened to the rustling of leaves… I felt so much peace while sitting there. I noticed the beautiful spider webs around me and got inspired for a project. What type of project, I do not know. Once I figure that out, I will post in the Projects section. But anyway, I wish I could sit in that very spot for a few minutes every day of my life. Of course, that’s not physically possible, but according to my British literature class, I can revisit the area and experience the same benefits through the memory of Nature and Beauty alone. Now if I can only remember to sit still every once in a while. Life seems so chaotic sometimes.

Later, I decided to go on a walk in search of the fox. I found an area below a trail we had taken earlier. I sat down near a fallen tree. There is something about fallen trees that is so interesting to me, not sure what though. Anyway, I sat down for about 40 minutes. I just sat there quietly, listening. I heard rustling behind me, but no fox. It was probably a bird.

Earlier, someone saw an Island Skunk, and I had the privilege of also seeing it myself. It was hiding near some trees behind our cabin. I never thought I’d say this, but the skunk looked like a small teddy bear. I haven’t seen too many skunks (in fact, I never saw one until I moved to Santa Barbara) but this one was tiny, and had a very round face. It looked like it didn’t have a tail, and if it did, it was too small to be obvious. It seemed very scared, however, and I felt sorry that we had inflicted such terror upon it.

No other animal sightings. :s

What animal created this, and what is it?

At the top of a mountain.
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