Reflection: Other Related Research
getting to know the community at west campus family housing
By Hannah Vainstein (05/06/09 11:27:23)
Related animal: Whale

Between my house and where I park my car (a good ten minute walk between the two) is a little ravine with a grass hillock and wooded area. When ever I walk along the path I see a multitude of birds and sometimes rodents and animals such as raccoons and skunks. These little walks made me curious about the other animals that live in very close proximity to my house. I was raised on seven acres near the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy. Here on a daily bases I would see hawks, ground squirrels, rabbits, wood peckers, vultures, lizards, and many more other animals. About the time I started this class I started to do a series of drawing where I would combine the images of the animals that lived where I grew up with pictures of my friends. This combination was a melding of communities that I have been apart of. I started to become curious about the animals that are apart of my community here in Goleta. I know that many of the animals are the same species but I have not build a relationship to any specific animal around my apartment. I know one major reason for this is that I donít encounter them as freely here because there are many more cars and people living in close proximity to each other. Therefore I set myself the task of taking short walks around the apartment complex to become familiar with the animals that are apart of my community here.

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