Hannah Vainstein, student (Artist)
I'm interested in understanding the world in a holistic way. I believe that all elements of our world are interrelated and I am interested in exploring these relationships.

I grew up in Los Angeles County on a ranch surrounded by wilderness. My neighbors had horses and I had several animals that I was close with such as my dog Mattie. As I lived on the ranch away from most people I spent most of my time hiking with my dog and interacting with the creatures around where I lived.


04/22/09 21:54:11 Mallard Mansions
  05/06/09 11:06:24 - Gone Gone Gone
  06/03/09 16:34:07 - The Return

05/18/09 23:32:38 Octopi Constructions
  05/27/09 20:18:36 - Working with the Octopus
  05/27/09 20:36:05 - Day 2
  05/27/09 20:51:06 - Day 3
  06/03/09 17:01:22 - Dance of the Octopus

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