Reflection: Animal Communication
Animal Communication
By Ashley Dawkins-Garcia (04/27/09 16:16:54)
Related animal: Cat

For my communication with the animals I first used my roommate's dog Cody. I tried to send messages to Cody but I don't think they went through no matter how I tried especially when I tried the first time, I was completely ignored. There were times I thought I was getting messages but I believe they were messages I was putting in my own head from watching him.

When I went back home this weekend, I tried to communicate with my cat that is most close to me, Patches. Like before, results were pretty much the same as the last one except I wasn't ignored, instead I think my cat gave up on me plus I think she had something do one of those nights.

Despite my simple failures, I believe it is because I was learned to work with animals like a zookeeper or zoologist by observing, behaving and learning from the animal(s). I believe, one can learn so much and have such a bond with another without communicating through the mind.

But I am still curious about communication with animals through the mind.

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