Reflection: Animal Communication
First Trip to the Bird Sanctuary
By Ashley Dawkins-Garcia (04/26/09 11:04:51)
Related animal: Parrot

This was my first trip to the Bird Sanctuary in Summerland. I wasn't sure what to expect or do when I went there but when I met the owner of the place and her cockatoo Dolly, I was surprised how social parrots were. When I went back, most of the parrots and other birds weren't too sure about me but when I went down to visit the other birds they were a bit more open to me. It wasn't until a few minutes that I had a bunch of screaming birds yelling at me and saying words like "I love you!" and "Hi!" to get my attention.

I have to say I really enjoyed my time there. The birds were fun to talk and just hanging out with. I plan to make a project dealing with music and their singing and I will probably do more projects with them.

First trip to Bird San. Yes, that was me singing a bit. Mind you, I stop singing but he kept on going.

First trip to Bird San.

My first trip to the Bird San.

This macaw would raise his feet whenever I would wave at him/her.
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