friends with feliz
By forrest galante and Minature Horse(s)

Started on: 05/11/09 10:30:32
Medium: Performance

for this past christmas i rescued a miniture horse from a very run down property in San Jose on my way back from san francisco. According to my mum, the little guy called out to me to resue him. possible. but either way he is now very happily a member of the family at my parents house in montecito. we named him feliz (aka feliz navidad) last week i went over to the house to visit. after saying hi to the fam i went out into the garden and played with feliz, we ran full speed up and down the paths and all around the garden. he loved it and got to release a lot of energy then after i was tired and he had plenty of energy left in him i decided it would be a good idea to make him a toy. so from the deck of my house i hung a very old stale loaf of bread from a string in a sort of pinyata form. he loved it, he couldnt quite reach it so he was more or less chasing it around with his mouth. he spent hours on it and now that its finished i plan on getting him another one soon.

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Comment by leonachen (05/12/09 22:22:56):
Its so cool you have one of these. I seen them at the fairs but never knew anyone who had one. Are you planning to do any collaborations with Feliz? He seems like a good animal to work with.