Lauren - Raven
By Masha Lifshin and Raven(s)

Started on: 04/24/09 14:33:26
Medium: Performance

Collaborators: Lauren Nagel, Common Raven
Documentation: Masha Lifshin

Video documentation of a chance encounter along the ridge of Santa Cruz Island's Colorados Range, on the long trail from the research station to Coches Prietos Anchorage. We never made it to the ocean, but we did document a collaborative sound piece. This raven seemed to be confidently ruling over the shack. Inside it, amongst piles of discarded electrical equipment, we later found a wooden plaque carved with the raven's likeness.

Video of a spontaneous sound performance that occurred between Lauren Nagel and a Raven on Santa Cruz Island.

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Comment by shanti (06/07/09 23:11:06):
What a great day it was hiking on Santa Cruz! I wonder if Lauren and the raven were truly conversing with each other. It certainly seemed like it as I stood and watched the raven fly about and respond back to the "human" interpretations of a raven's call.

Comment by LisaJ (04/25/09 11:51:08):
Lauren's sound is fantastic! My cat Rosebud listens to it intensely, while she doesn't even react to the actual raven sound.