Animal Poverty
By Tauny Palm and Cat(s)

Started on: 05/23/06 11:20:01
Medium: Other

After trying different ideas and failing horribly, I finally realized that I have been collaborating with my cat the whole time, spiritually and mentally. My cat and I are poor and depressed. Like a child, anything that I go through my cat also has been going through. Our house is filthy, crackhouse status, and i dont have money for groceries. I've even run out of top ramen...By the grace of God, I have survived and gotten by this year eating at friends houses and getting lunch at work when we have lunch bought for us. No one has noticed probably, but I've lost twenty pounds over the past couple of months due to stress and lack of food. Everything that I have been through, Ms. Kitty has too. She now survives off of the giant bag of Dry food I purchased at the beginning of the year, and I know she is sad. Every day I come home feeling bad because she, unlike me, does not get to get food from her friends or go outside and hunt for food like other cats. She doesnt want to sleep under the covers with me anymore, she doesn't want me to hold her, she just sleeps all day under the table and whines when I come home for food. I will document, with a journal and through film, her depression as well as our status...Hopefully we can get through this together...
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