Tauny Palm, student / telemarketer (art studio / black studies)
Pet: Cat
I am very interested in how other species have adapted to humans. Like, do squirrels really still get their OWN nuts? I'm also very interested in why Goofy talked and Pluto didn't. So I guess what I'm really saying is I'm interested in anthropomorphism and how humans have forced animals to collaborate with them in life. I'm a 5th year graduating art studio major with a minor in black studies. I usually paint, but I've been trying to get the digital stuff perfected so I can get a job! lol


05/23/06 11:20:01 Animal Poverty

05/02/06 12:31:48 Snail Races
  05/02/06 12:34:45 - how to make snail slime

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