Pigs who look like Pigs
By Madison Wanamaker, Lisa Jevbratt and Pot-Bellied Pig(s)

Started on: 05/29/13 18:46:47
Medium: Visual

In hopes of pushing the pig portrait piece into a more complete place of understanding, I have begun experimenting with software developed by Lisa Jevbratt called "Zoomorph". Zoomorph is a color vision simulation of monochromatic and dichromatic animals. I have uploaded color images of my pig portraits, and transformed them into images that reflect how a Pot Bellied Pig would see the images- using the Zoomorph software. Pot Bellied Pigs have dichromatic vision, which looks to us as if they can only see shades of yellow and blue.
Though I originally planned on displaying the images in black and white, I enjoy the look of these new images so much I would like to display them as such.

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Comment by marissa (06/08/13 00:24:33):
I really enjoyed how you used Lisa's app to change the coloring of your portraits for your final project. I thought that was a great touch that added a lot to your collaboration.