Transcendence Measured in Minutes
By Kirsten Howard and

Started on: 06/13/10 22:07:48
Medium: Visual

For my final project, I wrote down the experience and amount of time that insects landed on me in the last 3 months. I then researched the life span of each different type of insect...included in these are a lady bug, ants, a butterfly, and a roly poly. I then compared my life span to their life span in an attempt to understand the relationship of time the insects spent with me and the amount of time I spent with them, in proportion to our different life spans. So, I divided the average span of a human life by the average span of each insects life. The number I found was the number of cuts I made in each photograph (the photographs are of the place where the insects landed on me). In this way, I was attempting to understand the passage of time we spent together and how much of their time was spent compared to my time.

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