Pelican update
By Evan Hynes, Ladybug(s) and Pelican(s)

Started on: 06/08/10 03:41:50
Medium: Visual

After much thought about what to do in regards to my previous problem with "what exactly a collaboration is", I have decided to abandon the pelican project all together (at least for now). I can tell the pelicans have a very scheduled pattern of flight and rest, and I do not want to cause them andy trouble or stress by changing what they have been so accustomed to as their dock and resting place. Instead, I will continue with the same kind of idea, but use ladybugs instead. I know this may not be a perfect fix to the problem at hand, but I have the feeling a ladybug has less of a scheduled movement throughout the day. I think I will utilize my newly acquired skills in paper making to map the ladybugs' movement across a page. I need to add more thought to it though... if this is going to be my final project then I need to make it a little more about some sort of communication, connection, or collaboration, and less about simply their movement.
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