Week 4 (Lil Orphan Hammies)
By Jennifer Lee Lin and Pig(s)

Started on: 05/24/10 07:52:01
Medium: Visual

We visited a pig sanctuary. The pigs were very funny to play with, but it was somewhat sad because many of them are very old or injured. I had not expected the pigs to be so loud or even shy, only one pig (the white one) allowed him/herself to be touched and scratched. There was one pig who I would follow, it would take a few steps, then turn back and look at me, then walk on. I took it as a sign for me to continue behind him, but he may have just been checking me out. It was really shocking how loud they were.

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Project Updates
05/24/10 07:59:53 - dog and pig communication?

the picture of the dog and pig was a moment I captured that I found touching and kind of weird. The pig has a large open wound on his back that was bloody but wouldn't close us. The dog stood next to him and kept licking the wound, but the pig had no reaction. I don't know if the dog was helping him heal or feel better or just curious about the wound, but it was interesting to see.

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06/07/10 09:28:54 - pigs as pets

"Although some people would never consider sharing their home with a pig, there are many people who are charmed by intelligence and the personality of their pet pigs. There is no doubt that given the proper expectations as well as care and training, a pot bellied pig can make an interesting and much-loved addition to the home. However, many people find that pigs are demanding pets and are overwhelmed by their needs - as shown by the abundance of shelters overflowing with pigs"

What i found sad was that many of these pigs were not sick or needed much care, they were just old. I believe many people are charmed by these pigs when they are small and very "cute" but as they get older and need more food and age, sometimes their "owners" lose some love for them.

If you are going to have a pet, make sure you want them for the long run. You must love them for who and what they are, and not abandon them just because you find some small difficulty or they change due to natural circumstances.

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