Rissa's Point of View
By Sara Putman and Australian Shepherd(s)

Started on: 04/29/10 22:19:11
Medium: Visual

My dog Rissa loves to run, so I attempted to "get into her head" while taking pictures of her. I thought about how she, as the subject of the photo, would want her pictures to be taken. I then began to realize that I shouldn't be shooting down at her, but instead at her level or below. Since she loves to run, as most dogs do, I let her off the leash and began taking action shots of her at her own level. These photos seemed to encompass her wild nature as well as her beloved pastime.
As the subject of my photo shoot, Rissa began to acknowledge my interest in her. She knew that I was more interested in her than usual, so she inspected the camera up-close a couple of times. There were several photos where she was looking straight at the camera without having to tell her to. I tried not to call out her name so that she wouldn't look at me in the picture, and so I would capture a natural behavior pose. In a way, Rissa's behavior lead me to take the picture in a certain way. As if she was telling me to take the pictures for her.

From Rissa's point of view


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Comment by LisaJ (05/02/10 08:37:22):
Nice photos, it is interesting how just changing the point of view in the photograph one senses the non-humans experience a little. Of course that is why Sam Easterson's projects are interesting.