By Evan Hynes and Ant(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 20:33:14
Medium: Visual

My room seems to be in a constant state of disorray. My side of the room is perminantly covered in crumbs of food, namely freebirds, candy, and other late night foods. Thus, a problem has risen: ants! And they are everywhere. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I find them in my bed. Its gross. So I have decided that assuming that they stay around, I will work with these lovely munchers of my munchies. I figure they are attracted to whatever they smell, as long as it smells or tastes like food. I am not exactly sure how I will work with them to create art yet, but here is one idea I have:

I will make a light ring of ink on a waxed surface (to keep the ink from absorbing into the surface) surrounding a piece of food, perhaps a part of a freebirds burrito. As the ants make their way toward the food, they will inadvertently step into the ink and drag the fluid with them on their way to chow down. Thus, a “drawing” will be made by the ants’ feet.

Obviously, there may be problems with this idea. For instance, maybe the ants will simply not dare cross the moat of ink. But hey, its worth a try. Ill experiment with it and update my results later.

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Comment by LisaJ (05/19/10 16:02:44):
use something non-toxic rather than ink. (maybe some kinds of food coloring)