week 3 (annoying beach flies)
By Jennifer Lee Lin and

Started on: 04/22/10 19:56:22
Medium: Other

i have no idea what theyre called, but whenever i go the beach to lay out the pesky flies are immediately attracted to me and never leave me alone. especially this saturday. at first i kept swatting at them and kicking my legs. after about 15 minutes i gave up, and i realized that maybe i could work with them? although i hate the feeling of the the bugs on me, i could perhaps mark all the places on my body where theyve landed? not sure. i think this has potential though.

later that day my friend and i decided to go into the water, and i saw a lot of pelicans diving for fish and just floating around. i attempted to get closer so we could interact but they were pretty far out in the water, and i was incredibly cold. i tried doing what barbara had us do in class but i couldnt get in the right mindset. i just felt more and more stupid staring down the pelicans and hoping they'll do something with me. ill try again.
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