Working with SBAA
By Travis Jepson and Parrot(s)

Started on: 04/20/10 15:26:16
Medium: Other

I have had a great opportunity to work with Harry and Pheobe's parrots at their home. I went up yesterday and was able to meet all the birds they had in their care. They have such a wide variety, it was truly staggering to see so many different types of birds. Phoebe was able to give a life biography of each bird. The cages were much larger than I had assumed in the photographs, which was a pleasant surprise. Each cage had a large variety of customization according to each pair/set of birds preferences. She explained that she was looking to expand the already large cages to massive proportions.
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Project Updates
04/22/10 00:07:56 - Cage Expansion Ideas...

I was very excited to learn about the expansions of the cages not only to allow for more parrots to be within one MASSIVE cage but also to allow more freedom of flight and interaction besides just pairs. I also saw there was great potential with merging old cages as well. Phoebe has some great ideas concerning the use or making some of the old cages to connect so their sizes will double on average. I believe we can take it a step further and engineer some massive cages which will increase the sizes of the average cages four times over. With the two massive cages being built I think it would be very likely that the cages the birds were once in could be used to merge with some of the other parrots in order to give a much bigger living space for all the birds.

I am very excited to see what would be possible.

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