ARTS 122

Art 122: Advanced Digital Projects - Mapmaking as Art: using Google Maps/Earth and other online tools and data to create artistic maps.

We humans have made maps to help us understand our world and our place within it for thousands of years. Maps help us find places we know and let us imagine places we don't know. Maps can be useful, political, poetic and whimsical. They are loaded with meaning, and artists have a long history of making maps as an artistic expression. The Web and the Internet has provided unprecedented access to map making tools and ways to publish maps. While mapmaking historically was a privilege of the ones in power, and more recently a craft of trained professionals, today anyone can make and publish their personally annotated maps with online tools such as My Google Maps. In this class we will investigate and participate in this new mapmaking paradigm. We will make our own artistic and conceptual maps using tools such as Google Earth, My Google Maps, the Google maps API and JavaScript, which allow you to do more advanced alterations to Google maps. We will also use the language Perl to generate maps and to add real time data to our maps.

Technical content:
Google Maps API, Google Earth
Languages and formats: Perl, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, KML, RSS, CSV

Time: M/W 1 PM-3 PM
Room: Art 2220 (e-studio)
Instructor: Lisa Jevbratt

Prerequisites: Arts 7D, Arts 22. HTML coding experience is required. The class will be technically demanding. If you have not taken Art 102 or have equivalent programming experience please enroll in 102 concurrently.

Week 1
Mon 1/7 Intro Exercise Introduced:
Make a folder named yourlastname_yourfirstname all lower case in the 'Sites/w_08' folder in our account, '122', (the filepath is /Users/122/Sites/w_08). Make a file called "index.html" and put it in your folder. The url will be
Make a Web page with your name on it, save it to your folder on the server, name the page 'index.html'. (This will be your home page for this class).
a, Find a map made by an artist that you think is interesting. Link to it from your web page. (If it is in a book scan it.)
b, Find a online map you think is interesting. Link to it from your web page. You can for example look at this site to find map "mashups".
Write a one line paragraph about why the maps are interesting to you.

Wed 1/9 Intro Exercise Due.

Google Earth Research Project:

Research: Due 1/16
A, Find an interesting Google Earth project online in kml or kmz format. Link to the project from your homepage.
B, Find a feature of the Google Earth software that you find interesting/useful. If possible find a project online that uses that feature. Make an example of the feature if you can. Write a short description of the feature and put it on your web page. Be prepared to describe the feature in class.

Project: Due 1/28
Make an art project using Google Earth in a creative/unexpected/inventive way. Make a web page that describes the project and links to the klm/kmz file and/or anything else that is part of the project. Link to the project page from your homepage.

Week 2
Mon 1/14 Reading Due: "The Whole Earth, Catalogued" (Copies distributed in class)
Write a one paragraph comment on the text and what you find interesting i the text and put it on your web page.
Lecture: Google Earth/KML Introduced

Wed 1/16 Student Research Report G. Earth Due

Week 3
Mon 1/21 No Class

Wed 1/23 Lab

Week 4
Mon 1/28 Lab

Wed 2/1 Google Earth Project Due

Week 5
Mon 2/4 Lecture: Javascript and Google Maps API
Simple Javascript example
Simple Google Maps API example

** Google Maps API Research **

A. Due Wed. 2/6
Sign up for a Google Maps API key.
Read the intro page.
Read the following sections in Google Map API Concepts.
  Localization of the Google Maps API
  Browser Compatibility
  Other resources
Read the Basic Map Objects page.

Have three questions about what you read.

B. Due Wed. 2/6
Find a project you find interesting that is using the Google Maps API. Write one paragraph about it on your web page. You can for example look at or or googlemapsmania Blog
or search for Google Maps Mashups or Projects in a search engine.

C. Due Mon. 2/11
Find an example script here:
Google Maps API Official Site
or here Google Maps API Tutorial
Change three things in the script. Each change should be noticeable in the look or function of the page.
Try to change/add at least one method. Look at the API Reference or the examples listings for more methods. You can also change other things in the script such as the numbers of markers, the locations, what images are used for overlays etc. Link to the page from your home page. Be prepared to talk in class about the methods you used, and any other changes you made.

** Google Maps API Project **

Due 2/20
Make an art project by using the Google Maps API in a creative/unexpected/unusual/strange way. Make a web page that describes the project and links to the project. Link to the description page from your home page.

Wed 2/6 Student Research Report Google Maps API (part A and B)

Week 6
Mon 2/11 Student Research Report Google Maps API (part C)

Wed 2/13 Lab

Week 7
Mon 2/18 No Class

Wed 2/20 Google Maps API Project Due
Final Project Introduced
Project Assignment Description

Week 8
Mon 2/25 Final Project Idea Due

Wed 2/27 Final Project Proposal Due/Discussion

Week 9
Mon 3/3 Reading Due (Details TBA)

Wed 3/5 Project Progress Report

Week 10
Mon 3/10 Lab

Wed 3/12 Final Project Due (Open Critique?)
Required reading: Selected pages from Google Maps Hacks by Rich Gibson, Schuyler Erle (VPN needed see below)
Excerpts from "You Are Here - Personal Geographies" by Katherine Harmon (copies will be provided)
Excerpts from Google Maps Hacks by Rich Gibson, Schuyler Erle (VPN needed see below)
"The Whole Earth, Catalogued - How Google Maps is changing the way we see the world" by Evan Ratliff in Wired July 2007 (copies will be provided)
Google Earth, My Google Maps and Google Maps API descriptions and other online texts discussing these software/tools and mapping in general.

Suggested reading: Books from Safari online books (VPN needed see below):
Learning Perl, 4th Edition By Brian D Foy, Tom Phoenix, Randal L. Schwartz
Google Maps Hacks by Rich Gibson, Schuyler Erle
Mapping Hacks by Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson, Jo Walsh
Google Hacks by by Rael Dornfest, Paul Bausch, Tara Calishain
Learning JavaScript by Shelley Powers
Ajax Hacks by Bruce W. Perry

Software: TextWrangler, a good text editor (similar to BBEdit). (free) (Mac)
JEdit, text editor for Mac and PC. (free)
Filezilla, sftp client for Mac and PC. (free)
Putty, an ssh client for PC. (free)
UCSB VPN client
(for accessing the online book storage Safari and academic articles, data etc.)

Map Related Art Old Cartographical Curiosities
Mcclure "Map of the world"
Nikolas Schiller
Jaoquin Torres-Garcia, Inverted map of America, 1936.
Composite Group Dream Map, Night of 23/24 August by Susan Hiller, 1974
Fields on a Map (Meschers, Gironde) by Ellsworth Kelly, 1950
Christian Nold, Biomapping, Jan 2004 - ongoing
Biomapping KLM
Some Online Map Art Projects

Map Blogs Etc
Creativemapping blog
Google Earth Community
Google Earth News Letter Jan 2008
Ogle Earth - a blog about google earth
Google Sightseeing Blog

Google Maps Help:
Site for making and sharing google map shapes
Javascript Tutorial
Google Maps API Tutorial
The Google Maps API homepage

Google Maps Projects (Mashups):
Google Maps Mania Blog

KML Help:
Google Earth Home Page

KML Documentation
KML Tutorial

About Google Earth Map Projection

Sketchup Home Page
Using Sketchup with Google Earth

KML Projects:
Google Earth Gallery
Google Earth Sigthseeing: Snowball
3D Model Warehouse
Various Katrina KML Projects
Some NASA data

Google Moon Maps
Map Interface to The Center for Land Use Interpretation's database. The center is a research organization interested in understanding the nature and extent of human interaction with the earth's surface. The Center embraces a multidisciplinary approach to fulfilling the stated mission, employing conventional research and information processing methodology as well as nontraditional interpretive tools. Censored locations in Holland
Censored locations in Sweden
Google Earth Video of Mazes
Google Earth Hacks (New Media Art)